Horse trailer Rental

Renting a horse trailer to transport your horses

Today, horse transport is mainly done by truck or horse trailer. However, not all horse owners have a truck or horse trailer to transport their animals. Renteo offers several options to ensure safe travel and find the right vehicle for your horses.

Why rent a horse trailer to transport your horse?

The advantages of renting a horse trailer to transport your horses are numerous. First of all, it allows horse owners to travel with their animals safely and take them to competitions or equestrian excursions. Horse trailers are also ideal for holidays as towed horse trailers are more affordable than trucks.

Travel with peace of mind with Renteo

Make sure you have the right license to transport your horses in a horse trailer and that you comply with regulations. Here are some recommendations:

  • The B license (car) is sufficient to tow a horse trailer if the total weight (GVWR) does not exceed 3.5 tons.
  • To tow a trailer weighing over 3.5 tons and less than 4.25 tons, the B96 license is required.
  • With the BE license, you can tow a trailer weighing more than 4.25 tons.
  • The total weight of the horse trailer (including the horses) must not exceed 30% of the weight of the car towing it.
  • The total weight of the horse trailer and the car (both loaded) must not exceed the GTW of your car (Gross Train Weight).

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